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The World's Longest Running Talent Showcase

Marcia J. Macres


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Marcia Macres

Marcia Macres with The Jazz Punishers
Jazz Punishers

Marcia Macres with Aja Tribute Show, 2014
Aja Tribute Show, 2014
Berklee College of Music


Marcia Macres with Boston CSN 10 year anniversary show, 2014
CSN Boston 10 year anniversary show, 2014



Marcia J. Macres hails from a Dallas, TX, musical family of eight, performing regularly in four-part harmony at church and local community events. Marcia dabbled with various instruments in her youth, but found her passion in competitive a cappella choirs and then shifted to local community choruses when she moved to Boston in the late '80s.

Marcia has spent most of her life singing harmony, but in 2011 decided to begin studying voice at The Real School of Music with some top-notch instructors, including past CSN Boston Director Vykki Vox, Lydia Harrell and Theo Griffin and has transitioned to lead vocalist. Marcia enjoys being a lead vocalist for the band The Jazz Punishers and continues her love of harmonies by being a backup vocalist for occasional tribute bands, including a recent Steely Dan Tribute band performance at Berklee College of Music led by CSN Boston's guitarist Joe Musella and friends.

Marcia enjoys all genres of music including blues, jazz, country, classic rock, pop, etc. Some influences include B.B. King, Bonnie Raitt, Ella Fitzgerald, Etta James, Joss Stone, Aretha Franklin, Diana Krall and Adele.

Marcia (also known as "Red" or "MJ") has 25+ years experience in public relations and marketing communications in the defense, telecommunications and music education industries. She is owner of MARKETING BY MARCIA, a project-based Marketing Communications consulting company that focuses on helping small businesses/venues/bands in any industry share the news of their business, products and events via Social Media, Online Marketing, Press Release, etc. LIKE me on Facebook!

"Marcia Macres brought the audience through a display of strikingly different female singer personalities. Cerebral and contemplative performing keys and singing a Lincoln Park song, soulful and emotive during an Etta James number, and as sexy as Catwoman on 'Love Me Like A Man' and 'Black Lace Freudian Slip,' Macres was every woman you’re likely to see on a stage."

"...The band rocked it with bombastic flair while Macres sang over their fire with exuberance and eloquence. Macres’s breathy delivery of Rene Marie’s 'Black Lace Freudian Slip' played out with a slinky swaggering appeal... "

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