The World's Longest Running Talent Showcase

The Chick Singer Night Story

"A Chicago Institution…undeniable accomplishment and even greater potential."

- Chicago Tribune

"…A hot franchise…will afford women a rare luxury: the chance to put on a quality performance..."

- L.A. Times

"…A wildly successful songfest!"

- Ventura County Star

"Miss this one at your own peril!"

- New York On Stage

"An excellent opportunity for people to check out up-and-coming female musicians..."

- Chicago Sun-Times

"…An environment free from competition and criticism… all genres of great music."

- American Songwriter Magazine

"…An opportunity for female artists to showcase themselves in a cool club with a kick-ass band."

- Music Connection Magazine

"...[Chick Singer Night] deserves some big attention."

- Chicago Daily Southtown

"A tremendous opportunity for women..."

- Amy Kurland, owner of Nashville’s classic Bluebird Café

Chick Singer Night has been expanding at a rapid pace in this millenia. Chick Singer Night is the world's most notable original and longest-running songfest for female artists.

Gathering support from NAMM in 2004, and the producer project with Guitar Center bringing winning performers into world class recording studios, CSN has developed into a global presence.

About the Shows

The format is a simple one. All singers are welcome; all styles of music, all levels of experience, all walks of life. Each singer shows up the afternoon of the show, charts in hand, and runs her songs with the CSN Band. Later that evening they hit the stage with a hot band in a cool venue and give the performance of a lifetime!

CSN Chicks at the NYC Debut

CSN Chicks at the NYC Debut!
(L to R: Audrey Martells, L.A. Director Carla Hassett, CSN Founder Lori Maier, CSN NYC Director Deena Miller, Julia Dollison, Marci Geller)

Brief History

CSN founder Lori Maier (Bio) hosted the first Chick Singer Night in Chicago over 30 years ago, and it is now stonger than ever. Since then, CSN has spread its wings across the country and is now a national monthly or quarterly event in multiple cities across the U.S. and as far away as Stockholm, Sweden (see city links at left). The success of this program has inspired CSN alumna to support singers and songwriters with similar spinoff showcases through the years. It's all an amazing testament to that first CSN show in November of 1988.

Cast and Crew

The credit for CSN's success belongs to many people, all of whom give their time and music to create this special songfest.

  • Directors: First and foremost is the team of people who keep the CSN tradition going strong in each city. Click here to see a list of current CSN directors.
  • The CSN Bands: World-class musicians who create incredible music for and with each featured artist. Their contribution to CSN is immeasurable. We have a Gallery to show off our amazing and world-class talented CSN Men.
  • Amazing female singers! Thousands of women have been featured on the Chick Singer Night stage.
  • Some incredible guys as well! Most shows include an "Are You Man Enough" spot.

Click here for information on how you can join us!