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Jill Stalnaker

Nashville Director

Nashville CSN Page

Jill Stalnaker is a mother to five amazing human beings, a former stay-at-home mom, and a business owner/entrepreneur.

She grew up playing the piano and writing piano ballads for personal enjoyment. Around age 30, she began putting words to her songs and that's when her career began. Passionate about the human experience, she expressed her perspective on it through songwriting. Not wanting to pursue a performance career, she fell in love with supporting the careers of other singer-songwriters.

From age 30-37, she has built her business, Leaning Tree Agency, with an artist-first standard. In Jill's words, artist-first means, "Every decision is made with the artist first in mind. Art is not a commodity and it is not a service. It is an offering of someone's perspective on the human experience through the medium of music. Putting the artist first supports, protects, and progresses the economy around music, enabling artists to have a career doing what they were born to do.”

Finding and supporting undiscovered talent is Jill's first love and will always be at the heart of her company.
Recently named the Nashville Division Director of the non-profit organization, Chick Singer Night, Jill will get to invite many undiscovered and established singer-songwriters to share the stage at Nashville's Chick Singer Night host location, the Bluebird Cafe.

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