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Limited quantities of these two CDs may be available at your nearest Chick Singer Night show.

Chick Singer Night Sampler, Vol. 2 - cover Chick Singer Night Sampler Vol. 2 - back

Chick Singer Night Sampler Vol. 2

(March 2021)

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12 Tracks, celebrating over 30 years of CSN promoting women in music!

Thanks to our CD sponsor, Lique! (Pronounced Lick)
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Chick Singer Night - The Sound of Women's Dreams CD cover Chick Singer Night - The Sound of Women's Dreams CD back cover The Sound of Women's Dreams - CD

The Sound of Women's Dreams


Congratulations to ALL finalists! Chick Singer Night would like to thank all of the hundreds of women who submitted their songs to the first songwriter competition! This compilation CD featuring each one of the finalists is available at your local Chick Singer Night show.

Kelly Brock

Kelly Brock
Grand Prize Winner

Kelly sings with her new wireless mic system from SHURE microphones.

Alesis keyboard

Lexi Bloor
1st Prize Winner

Lexi performed at the CSN Chicago show on her new Alesis electronic baby grand piano!!

Contributing Artists
  1. Kelly Brock
  2. Erinn Williams
  3. Lari White
  4. Ashley Maher
  5. Ali Handal
  6. Danielle LoPresti
  7. Lexie Bloor
  8. Kyler England
  9. Ingrid Graudins
  10. Lucy Sustar
  11. Dayna Malow
  12. Kari
  13. Kat Parsons
  14. Carla Rigolin Hassett

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