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About Chick Singer Night: An Interview with Founder Lori Maier, 2021

  1. Teaser cut (about 1 min)
  2. Full length (about 10 min)

CSN 33rd Anniversary show - LA & Ventura County combined

  1. Show Highlights (1 song per performer)

2013/2014 Shows

  1. CSN Charlotte - November 2013 (25th Anniversary Show)
  2. CSN Charlotte - Summer Showcase - July 27, 2014

TV Features/Interviews &
"About CSN" Promo Videos

  1. CSN Intro (2003)
  2. CSN 2003 review in photos
  3. CSN LA - Fox News Feature
  4. CSN Chicago - TV Feature
  5. CSN Nashville - TV News feature/interviews
  6. The first Chick Singer Night in NYC with Lori Maier and Deena Miller - Life Moments
  7. CSN NYC - Deena Miller TV Interview
  8. CSN Charlotte - Featured on NBC's Charlotte Today show, June 2013 (this link will open in a new window)

CSN Los Angeles - 15th Anniversary show at The Hollywood Derby

  1. Gretchen Bonaduce w/ Lori Maier and Ingrid - "Landslide"
  2. Megan Mullally - "Stolen Car"
  3. Megan Mullally - Montage
  4. Megan Mullally - Opening number montage
  5. Carla Hassett - "Not Real Love"
  6. Vicki Randle

CSN New York City - 15th Anniversary Show & Opening night of The Crash Mansion

  1. Amos Lee ("R U Man Enuf")
  2. Deena Miller with Paul Shaffer
  3. Norah Jones & Daru Oda

CSN Nashville - 20th Anniversary Show at Pepperdine

  1. Priscilla Losey - "Break in the Cup"
  2. Laura Clapp, Jaclyn Brown, Lisa Linehan - "Hey Hey Sister"

CSN Boston

  1. Vykki Vox Band at The Regency
  2. Gary Backstrom ("R U Man Enuf") & The Vykki Vox Band at The Regency
  3. Jennifer Truesdale with the Vykki Vox Band at the Regent Theater
  4. Nichole Nelson
  5. 2nd Anniversary Show at Johnny D's Greg ("R U Man Enuf") - Montage
  6. 2nd Anniversary Show at Johnny D's Montage

CSN Producer Project Videos

  1. CSN Producer Project at The Hit Factory, NYC With winner Edie Carey -
    A candid video of CSN/Guitar Center Project winner Edie Carey, with Legendary Producer Elliot Scheiner at The Hit Factory in NYC
  2. CSN Producer Project - CSN Interview with Al Schmitt, 2004 -
    The Village recorder - Producing a contest winner of the Guitar Center Producer Project